Michelle Kam Explains the Importance of Getting a Home Inspection in Toronto

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a home in Toronto. From finding the perfect neighbourhood to price and negotiations, the process is very involved. In fact, it can take home buyers a significant amount of thought and consideration before coming to a decision that is right for them. In addition to these obvious considerations, one of the most important factors in the process of buying a home is the home inspection.

As an experienced real estate broker in Toronto, Ontario, with more than a decade of experience, Michelle Kam can attest to the importance of home inspections. She shares why home inspections are such an important aspect of any real estate transaction.

Preventing Unexpected Costs

Home inspections are important for many reasons, namely in protecting home buyers from experiencing unexpected costs in the future. Home inspections give buyers an idea about the current condition of the home, as well as any issues they can expect in the foreseeable future. This helps buyers understand if they will be facing any major repairs or concerns if they decide to purchase the home. All major components of a home should be inspected before making a purchase. Most importantly, an inspector should examine the home for structural integrity, plumbing and electrical issues. Michelle Kam notes that, while no home is perfect, and buyers may be willing to accept certain issues, there are circumstances in which potential problems can outweigh even the most perfect features of a home.  It also gives an opportunity for the Seller to remedy the issue prior to closing or to adjust the sale price in lieu of repairing the issue(s).

Safety and Comfort

In addition to ensuring that buyers won’t face major unexpected costs, home inspections also offer protection against health and safety concerns. There are many things that can go wrong in a home. While some issues are simply a nuisance that must be dealt with, others can pose a threat to the health and safety of the home’s occupants. For example, undetected moisture or water leaking into a home can result in structural damage, as well as mould that can be dangerous to the health of the people living inside. An experienced home inspector will be able to uncover any issues that may pose a threat to you and your family.

Michelle Kam on the Importance of Finding a Qualified Inspector

The results of home inspections can have a huge impact on a buyer’s decision to purchase a home. Therefore, it’s important that the inspector is professional and experienced. Unfortunately, in Toronto and throughout the province, anyone can market themselves as a home inspector. This leaves room for unqualified individuals to offer subpar services that can result in disastrous effects for home buyers. Michelle Kam recommends asking your realtor for suggestions. An experienced real estate broker can help you find a qualified home inspector to ensure the property you invest in is safe and secure.