Michelle Kam Shares Top Toronto Real Estate Blogs to Follow Online

Whether you’re considering purchasing or selling a home or are simply interested in the topic of real estate, the best way to keep up with the latest market trends and news is to find a blog that offers accurate and insightful content. Many real estate blogs exist however, some are better than others. When choosing a real estate blog to follow online, it’s important that readers pay close attention to who creates the content. In some cases, biased and even inaccurate information is published. Therefore, a reputable source is necessary for reliable content.

As a professional and experienced real estate broker, Michelle Kam of Toronto, Ontario, knows quality real estate content when she sees it. Michelle fell in love with real estate at a young age and began her career in the industry with Re/Max immediately after graduating from university. Her passion for urban real estate led her to focus on condos, lofts, and townhomes, especially in the pre-sale market. After gaining invaluable experience working at firms like Concord Alex and Baker Real Estate, she opened her own brokerage. For over 10 years, she managed her brokerage, City Accord Realty Inc. Then, in 2016, Michelle decided to return to the Re/Max brand. She now works as a real estate broker alongside Jamie Johnston, Owner of Re/Max Condos Plus. To help readers find the most accurate and helpful information, Kam shares some of the top and trusted real estate blogs online.

Better Dwelling

Better Dwelling is one of the best real estate blogs online. The site provides readers with real estate listings, opinions and news. The content is driven by research and data, resulting in accurate and up-to-date information. Although aimed at providing real estate insight for millennials, this blog’s content is enjoyable and educational for anyone looking to learn more about the real estate industry. Better Dwelling provides information in a simple manner, allowing even the most complex topics to be easily understood. The blog focuses on several real estate markets, including Toronto and Vancouver, as well as international real estate. Michelle Kam points out that intriguing topics and simple language make this a great blog for anyone interested in real estate.


TREB Wire is the official blog of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. As such, readers can trust that the information provided is reliable and accurate. From real estate brokers to investors, homeowners to potential buyers, TREB Wire offers insightful content for any interest level. Readers can find housing market reports, real estate comparisons for various areas, advice on buying and selling property, and much more.

Toronto Life

From real estate investing to the city’s most expensive homes, Toronto Life covers all aspects of real estate in Toronto. In addition to offering readers insight into the real estate market, Toronto Life also provides content on food, culture and other topics relating to life in Toronto. This wide range of topics allows readers to get a true sense of life in Toronto, including insight into the city’s best neighbourhoods, restaurants and shopping. This information can be particularly helpful to home buyers looking for the ideal place to live. Michelle Kam states that if you’re looking for a blog that offers a wide range of real estate topics and advice, then this blog is for you.


Imaginahome’s real estate news and info blog also offers content regarding various real estate topics. Published by one of Toronto’s leading digital media providers for real estate brokers, this blog is known for its inspiring high-end real estate photos. In addition, the blog offers home renovation advice, mortgage information and various other real estate related news and opinion articles, says Michelle Kam.